The Conflict Guide of the Non-Confrontational Person

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Conflict can arise even from the smallest of issues in our personal and professional lives. Many times we would prefer to avoid doing anything and expect it to be solved alone. However, it has been shown that taking the path of simply avoiding confrontation can have extremely negative consequences for your health.

Studies have shown that resentment increases the activity of the amygdala in our brain, leaving us in a stressed “fight or flight” mode [4]. This stress can be a factor that contributes to brain shrinkage and depression [6]. In addition to that, training professionals, like Esther Jeles [3], will tell you that without confrontation, problems do not have the opportunity to be solved and improved, and in fact we have the ability to handle conflict effectively.

So, not only is conflict prevention bad for your health, it can also damage your professional circumstances. If you are not a troublemaker, it can be a great help to look for ways to improve the way you handle the conflict. The first step should be to enter a space where you feel more comfortable with the confrontation as a whole. You can do this by reformulating the event to focus on its positive aspects or beginning to practice with smaller confrontations to feel comfortable communicating its limits.

However, a conflict situation can be very discouraging, even if it has been well prepared. One of the most important things to remember is to try to keep your emotions under control by focusing on the facts of a situation. Making the dialogue as emotional as possible will also help you keep your voice at an assertive level.

Having an objective for which you are working is also important. By listening to the other person’s point of view and completely revealing yours, you have the opportunity to achieve a solution that satisfies both parties and, most importantly, avoids any problem.

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